We are currently working hard to construct the Ultimate Football Network!

As usual with major construction projects, we are running behind schedule, but can't miss the opportunity to discuss the NFL Draft, so we have opened up the forums!

Please join us and stay tuned for all the exciting things we have planned for the 2014 season and beyond, including awesome prize drawings, impactful charitable donations, unique coverage of all levels of football, extraordinary interaction, and so much more!

As if you need an incentive, forum registration automatically enters you in upcoming prize drawings!

Refer your friends and get additional prize entries for each new member that mentions your Football Alliance ID during registration!

Also, if you make a donation to us through paypal to donations@divinedigitaltesting.com, each dollar donated will earn you another prize entry! (there will be a lot more info coming up very soon, regarding our projects, fundraiser, prizes, and charitable beneficiaries. We don't expect any donations until then, but if you feel our hard work is worth your money, we won't turn it away! Make sure to include your Football Alliance ID so we can credit it to your account)

Want to write for us? Show your stuff in the forums!

Despite being a brand new website, we have a very large network already established on social media, including the largest NFL Draft page on Facebook, with over 112,000 likes. From now on, ALL content posted through these social media outlets will originate in these forums! What I'm saying is, if you make an awesome post, there is a great chance we will publish it on the site and promote it to hundreds of thousands of people!

With all that said, here are the Forum Rules:

Rule #1 - Always be respectful of others

Rule #2 - When in doubt, refer to Rule #1

We are excited to have you in our Football Alliance!

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